Monday, 24 March 2014 with the Mayor of Moose Jaw!

Oh my! This week went by so fast! Days feel like weeks, and weeks feel like days. Truest missionary quote I've ever heard in my life! haha

So no big deal or anything, but all 6 of us fantastic Moose Jaw missionaries had an appointment with the mayor! YEAH! THE MAYOR! I'm just saying. We got a little tour and we sat in a fancy room and discussed how we were missionaries and want to help in the community and serve! She gave us a list of service opportunities and said if we needed any connections or anything to let her know and she would help us out. So we are pretty much baptizing all of Moose Jaw haha. Well.. not yet. but soon hahaha we are working on it!

It was Elder Certain's birthday Wednesday! We bought timbits the night before and brought them to their apartment nice and early, rang their doorbell, then ran away! We left a note with the doughnuts too. I told him in the note it was a Heinzlmeir tradition to have doughnuts for breakfast. He liked them! We also got him a little gift for later that day and had a yummy cake at a members home! I love birthdays. It was lots of fun being all sneaky and making him feel special. Sister Fellows birthday is coming up soon actually! I better start planning what i should do!

St. Patrick's day was so much fun! We went to a members house and had green pancakes for dinner with money in them! Then mint milkshakes with rainbows and clouds in them! YUM! Their kids hid chocolate coins around the house for us to find too haha they are so cute! The members here are honestly the best! We get so spoiled! I'm not even kidding! I'm so blessed to serve here!

We didn't teach as much as we wanted to this week but we still taught a fair bit! so that's very good! We met this one lady and have been talking to her a lot. We had one lesson last week and are seeing her later on this week. When we talked to her last, we gave her a book of Mormon, she hugged it and said she would read it! Not gonna lie... I was pretty happy about that hahaha she told me and sister fellows she wished we were her daughters. She calls us her snow angels because one night when we didn't really know her yet, we shoveled her driveway and sidewalk. in skirts hahaha. she was so impressed and amazed. It felt so good doing service for someone and seeing the great results! We have high hopes for her!

Oh and in another lesson we had, we taught the restoration and I recited the first vision by memory! It was so amazing! The spirit was so strong! I love love love teaching people! I love being a missionary and being able to serve all day and focus everything on the Lord. I am blessed for this opportunity. I am serving with such great missionaries and am very excited for the work we are doing here in Moose Jaw. It's small and pretty old, but I love every part of it! I'm trying my best every day to be 100% diligent and i see the blessing that come from my efforts. It's incredible. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but right here. serving the lord and building his kingdom.


Sister Heinzlmeir

Another pic from the MTC

 Her humble abode.  She says it's clean, cozy and smells (which is VERY important, and I'm not being sarcastic!)

 Happy Belated St. Patty's Day from Jen!

She coloured her companion's hair for her...and it turned out great she said.  Phew.

Their car...the Elder's left them a message.

Face masks.  Good to know they have time for 'girly' things.  It's a necessity you know!

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