Monday, 10 March 2014

Jenna has arrived in her first area!


Leaving the MTC was pretty emotional actually haha I just loved my teachers and friends so much I didn't want to say goodbye! But I was SO excited to get my work started up in Winnipeg! We got there safely and was greeted and welcomed by President Thomas, his wife, and the assistants to the president! We had a huge dinner and and the next morning a huge breakfast! mm so yummy. Then off to the chapel we went for orientation! We had more instruction on how we should behave and rules to follow and such. That's where the hardest rule of all was revealed... NO SLANG! oh my.. you have no idea how hard that has been! we cant even say awesome, cool, sweet, or anything! I was so scared to even talk after he told us that haha but im getting better!(this is going to make her sound more grown-up!  lol  And, for anyone who knows Jen, she has pretty long list of slang words she uses...nothing bad, just short forms...this rule would've been impossible for her Aussie companion to follow considering the Aussies shorten everything and use slang terms for everything!)  I now have to use words like neat, wonderful, fantastic. I sound so weird haha its different. but we are representatives of Jesus Christ! That holds a lot of responsibility! We need to be the best we can be in literally every way! I'm getting better at it haha but it could take me a while.

After the orientation i was assigned to my first area and trainer. MOOSE JAW!!! you have no idea how hard i laughed when i found out!! well... on the inside i did. Definitely not in front of president and all the missionaries there!! It was so funny. Of course I'm going to Moose Jaw. And my friend from the MTC Sister Brimhall is staying in Winnipeg. her one worry was driving. she is from Arizona and does not know how to drive on icey roads! Right after she told me her fear.. low and behold.. One of the assistance to the president walks up and hands her the keys hahah her companion doesn't have a license! Oh i died. it was too good. Anyway, off to Moose jaw i went! (6hour drive from Winnipeg). and there i met my trainer! Sister Fellows from Utah! She is so great! Very patient and kind but also funny and jokes around. I love her. It's been pretty overwhelming settling in to my new home. It made it all so real. I may have freaked a little but luckily my companion is fantastic and she calmed me down hahaha the ward here is so wonderful! We get fed very often! and yummy meals too! bonus!  There are 4 Elders here along with me and sister Fellows. they are great. I'm so excited for what's to come but nervous too! SO many new things!! I miss you all and love you so much! the support has meant the world to me. BRING IT ON MOOSE JAW! IM READY! LETS TEACH THE GOSPEL PEOPLE!!!


Sister Heinzlmeir

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