Monday, 3 November 2014

Marshmallow Power Horse

This week was filled with SO MUCH laughter and fun!! Not only was it Halloween, then my birthday, it was also sister Davis' birthday AND my district leaders birthday this week haha partying literally all week long. It was great.

One thing that was really great but feels like a life time ago was we went on exchanges with the Gateway Ward sisters! They live like 5 minutes from us. So not as much of a road trip like Kenora was, but it was still fantastic! I went with Sister Hamilton and it was lots of fun! She is so great! She just got into the field this transfer so she is fresh and excited! which is the best! I feel like we had a great exchange. I felt the spirit a lot and we were able to talk a lot and discuss the normal stresses with being a new missionary. I can sympathize with that! feels like it was yesterday! The thought that in a week or so i hit my half way mark blows my mind. I feel like I still don't know anything hahah!!

On Thursday we went to a returning members' house for dinner with the elders. (we go to her house for dinner every Sunday) and he had BIRTHDAY CAKE! since soon approaching was 3 of our birthdays haha and we all turned 20. seriously haha soo good. so that was a blast! Then the partying just continued! We had Missionary Leadership Council on Halloween so I got to see sister Smith! Perks of us both being sister training leaders haha and it was great! Me and sister Davis dressed up as each other. Literally wore each others clothes and did our hair like the other would and switched name tags, coats, and bags. it was so good! We think we totally did a great job haha we thought we were funny. Sister smith was a nerd. The subtle costumes you think of as a missionary. haha. And since Sister Smith and Brimhall know gifts is my love language, they were sure to get me a present for my b-day haha love them! so they got me a bag of marshmallows and a horse necklace. sounds odd.. i know. but there is a story behind it haha SO my nickname from them and Kate Gross is Marshmallow Power Horse. simply because apparently I'm a soft gooey lovey marshmallow and power horse because one night we were having this deep conversation and I was pep-talking sister Brimhall and was like "sister Brimhall.. you are such a power horse!" Smith and Brimhall started laughing and Sister Smith was like "uhh Heinzy.. do you mean she's a power house? or has horse power?" hahahah oh that will never leave me hahaha sooo yeah. (Oh Jen...she gets that from her Dad...)  I'm marshmallow power horse. it was the best. Then on my birthday I opened my package from home bright and early! and we went and did a service project for the boys and girls club! The lady in charge knows me and knew it was my birthday (thanks to sneaky elder Pestridge) so she got me cake and a card! SO CUTE!! love her haha. I also got many calls and the gateway sisters put balloons and treats all over our apartment! AND our District went out for birthday ice cream at marble slab! We are so going to be broke soon hahahahah. but it was well worth it!!!! I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!!! so it really just was the best thing of life. haha AND we have a baptism this weekend !! YAY!!! Praying it all goes smoothly and as planned! It is a 10 year old girl named Andrea and her sister Tatiana who is 8. Their grandparents are members and take them to church. I love those girls so much. I'm so excited!! YAY!!!

Such a fun week. Lots of treats and love haha best combo!! I love you all so much! Hope you had a great week and hope this next one is just as good!!

Sister Heinzlmeir
No shortage of bday celebrations for this girl!!!!


Oh so clever!
 The Marshmallow Power Horse

 Happy Birthday!!!

 Cheesy poem
 My girl is 'playing' with a real snake...sicko

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