Monday, 10 November 2014

Staying put...for now...

Hey everyone!!

What an exciting week!! First of all.. I got to Skype SHANNON and the fam and see her open her call!! FRANCE!!! AH!!! I am beyond excited!!! The best part is I wouldn't stop talking about it for the rest of the night. So my whole ward knows haha and all my missionary friends. Elder Pestridge and Martens even got to see it too! so fun!! YAY!!

Oh and TRANSFER CALLS!!!! Sister Davis and I are staying together! I'm excited. I'm so glad I get to be an STL for another transfer! It's so much fun! I love going on exchanges! It's crazy though. Everyone thought I was leaving because I've already been here for 6 months haha London Ward for life!!! I love this ward so much. It's my home. I would be so happy if a got another couple transfers here haha.

Another great event this week.. Andrea and Tatiana got baptized!! YAY!! They are two little girls we have been teaching. Their grandparents bring them to church. It was amazing.All the activity day girls in the ward came to the baptism and it was so special. Their dad is less-active and he came and cried the whole time. It was very powerful. The strength children have these days is amazing. Those girls are so strong and I am so proud of them. It was interesting though, as I sat behind them and pondered after they got baptized, I thought about how baptism is our goal as missionaries. That's what we aim for. Baptism. But as my mind wondered and I thought about the life ahead of them. They can go on missions, get married in the temple,  strengthen their family, they have so much waiting for them! I just really realized that baptism isn't it. Like what is says in 2 Nephi 31: 19-20. Baptism is only the beginning. And it's exciting but got me a little nervous. I hope I did enough to make sure they are prepared for everything that is going to come! It's truly such a blessing. Being able to be a part of someone's journey to Christ. I love being able to witness the miracles the spirit brings.

Speaking of miracles, So this week we went to see a less-active. We prayed in the car before we went in, like always, and noticed these two construction workers working on the neighbors house. It was awkward because they were probably wondering what on earth we were doing. Then we go to the lady's house and she isn't home. So we walk back to the car and look at our planners to see our next step and sister Davis looks at me and says we should go talk to the two guys. (and they are watching us this whole time). She mentioned a quote from Preach My Gospel about talking to EVERYONE. I didn't want to. They looked scary!! And were watching us!! We probably look crazy because we have been in our car for 10 minutes while they keep looking over. I so did not want to go. But Thank goodness my companion has more bravery then me. She took a a few pass-a-long cards and shoved them in her purse then we agreed to just give it a shot! We can do this! haha so we go and ask bluntly if they would like to learn. Then the one guy who scared me looked at us and said yes and no. We ask what that means. He said Yes because he is interested, but No because he is working right now. I was so taken aback. Like wait .. what? you are? hahaha. So we exchanged info and get his number. Then he tells us he has seen missionaries all the time in Mexico. He said he always felt so bad because they would always wear their white shirt and tie even when it was super hot out. It was amazing. I sure learned my lesson! Never judge from the outside and talk to EVERYONE! You never know who God has prepared and put in our path.

I love you all so much! have a wonderful week!

Sister Heinzlmeir

 Sis Z gave them pressies and a tree with decorations!  So sweet!

The Gross Family kiddos

 Her first tree!  Yay!

The baptism!  Exciting day!

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