Thursday, 27 November 2014

Super Saturday for a Super Missionary!


This week was full of adventures!
We had Missionary Leadership Training and it was great! It's always a great learning experience. We mainly just discussed a world wide Christmas initiative the church is having and we are playing a huge part in it. I am SO excited!!! I'll tell you more about it once it launches! But I'll tell you this... it's going to be AMAZING!!!!!!!

We also helped out with the relief society's super Saturday! A Saturday filled with crafts and good food! Want to know the best part? Kate Gross (our recent convert) organized the whole thing. Her calling isn't even in relief society hahaha i love her to death. She is just amazing. Pictures will follow of her fabulous work! It was 70's themed! CUTE!! haha it was a blast.

I think my favorite part of the week though was our lesson with Ken and Kathy. Do you remember the couple I told you about last week? We found them through family history. WELL, they are the BEST!! We taught the restoration and they loved it! Kathy even read the whole intro to the book of mormon before we got there! YAY! Then.. here comes the best part.. we asked when we could see them next and they said "well what are you doing tonight? want o have dinner with us?" UM.... YES!!! It was so tasty!!! First time I've ever had dinner with investigators! It was so great!! She even baked us cookies and let us take them all home. and if that wasn't good enough, they are taking us out for lunch before our lesson next week hahah I LOVE THEM!!!! They accepted the baptismal invite so we are very excited.

I still keep in touch with the Klassens. They were a family we taught a while ago who were going to be baptized then backed out and dodged us for months. I wont give up on them. I can't. I remember the first time they all came to church and sister Brimhall, Smith and I just jumped on each other in the breezeway. They have been a part of my favorite memories on my mission. I can't let their story just crash like this. It's very hard and sad to see them get so cold but I have hope. I saw the light in them before. It can happen again. I know it.

Missions are hard. It is the hardest thing I've ever done. But so rewarding. I have never felt so full of light and joy. Every challenge we face is just an opportunity to be strengthened and to grow. I am so thankful for the privilege of being here. I love you all!

Sister Heinzlmeir

Sister Marx, Mission Counselor the night before she leaves for home.

Thanks to members in the ward, they got their hair done!  No more roots!

Super Saturday set-up

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