Monday, 4 May 2015

Well another transfer has come and gone!! But luckily nothing is changing for sister Hiatt and I! Which I am very happy about haha. But we had some sister stay with us to leave to the west side of the mission the next day. It was a full house!! Lots of fun though. Perks of being a sister Training leader haha lots of sleepovers!!!! Transfer meeting was fun! Sister brimhall is getting a new comp so I got to see her and sister Smith!!! We had a giant tri-pan hug for at least 20 minutes hahaha everyone just laughed at us. It was the best.

That night we got to actually go to the farewell for the departing missionaries. They say their testimony and mingle with a bunch of members from all over the city who want to say goodbye. We were there a little early and were just talking to some members, waiting for sister smith and Duplesis (another departing missionary who slept over then we drove her to the airport to go to Germany, she is sister Hiatt's best friend) then I hear Sister Smith's voice and eagerly turn to see her down the hall and she was bawling and hugging these two humans. I had no idea who they were until I recognized their faces... HER PARENTS!!!! AH!! I go over to see her and sure enough she introduced me to them!!! CRAZY!!!!!! They were supposed to fly in the next day then get her and visit her areas before they go back to Utah but they surprised her and where at the farewell!!! I MET THEM!!! It was the best but craziest thing ever. So many emotions everywhere haha. They are such great people though!!! I love them.

I'm still in shock that sister Smith is done. Seems not real. Now it's just me and Brimmers!!!! Crazy!

Sister Hiatt and I are teaching a French lady! I was happy to be using my French again!! And sister Hiatt is learning French! we are reading the book of Mormon together and I'm teaching her words so that she can help teach and learn a language! It's been so fun! She can say the whole alphabet ! I'm proud hahaha.

Other t hen that the week was just filled with mission Leadership council meetings and other business we had to do. Looking forward to this next transfer and loving where the work is at right now!!! 

Sister Heinzlmeir 

so sister Hiatt and I were walking through the church one day and saw this on a random blackboard in the hallway hahahah. really Tanice? hahaha #sheiswithus

We helped out in seminary this week, they are learning in the Doctrine and Covenants. The section they were on was when Joseph and Hyrum got killed. So their teacher decided to host a funeral. Sister Hiatt was Lucy Smith (Their mom) and we all had a role in the funeral. the spirit was very strong. I am so thankful for Joseph Smith. He truly is a Prophet of God

pioneer selfie with bell and emma!!!

driving to the airport

saying goodbye to this amazing sister!!! Off to Germany she goes!!!! :(

me and sister Smith and HER PARENTS!!!!!

last time being missionaries together </3

everyone.. meet Savanah. She was released on Friday and this was sunday. she came to sacrament with her parents. SO WEIRD!!! she had her tag off and clipped to her purse. I'll miss her!!!!

The tripan reunited again!!!!!! LOVE them!!!!

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