Thursday, 30 April 2015

I feel like this week was crazy but I guess it was just another week of missionary work haha! I was sick at the beginning of the week then of course instead of being sick at the same time, sister Hiatt got what I had and is now sick. I think it's all this crazy weather changes happening over here! It's messing with our bodies haha. 

We got transfer calls! I am staying with sister Hiatt in Dalhousie! We are SO happy to stay together. I honestly love her so much. We work and teach great together and have so much fun every day. She means so much to me. This will be our third transfer together! I was talking to president yesterday and he said he tried to put me somewhere else when he was making the changes but just couldn't do it. Guess I'm meant to stay! Thank goodness haha!

I think the most exciting thing for me this week was sunday. So a couple weeks ago sister Thomas gave us a name of a lady who hasn't been to church in a long time and needed some love and support. We got in touch with her right away and have been teaching her. She hasn't been to church in 5 years and she came this Sunday for the first time since! She is amazing. Literally I love her so much. It was hard for her to initially walk into the building. Lots of feelings and emotions. So we just sat with her in the foyer then went to class together. She is so brave. I can't imagine how hard that was for her. To have the faith to come back when its been so long and she knows absolutely no one. She got baptized in fort frances 10 years ago and has only been in Winnipeg for 3. so its a way bigger ward. I'm just so proud of her. She has done all we have asked and is doing all she can to come unto Christ and be perfected in Him. She has taught me so much. And I'm just so overly filled with joy that she came to church. Such a big step. I love her!!!!!

The rest of the week was good, but we had to say goodbye to an elder in our district. He went home for medial reasons. It's so hard to see missionaries go home for medical reasons when they want so badly to be here and work when there are so many missionaries who don't care. It makes me want to work harder. Be better. Because I am here and I can stay and be a part of this amazing work. how amazing.

Sister Heinzlmeir

our little family !!!

me and my friend Elder Dean!!!! He gives the worst handshakes ever haha #deadfish #weak He thinks its funny.


the amount of selfie me and Sister Hiatt take is ridiculous haha we just look so cute!!! #panions

Elder Kendall!!! #myfriendsarethebest

This is the amazing Shanon McFarlene!!! She is the best. So talented at scrapbooking btw!!!

nothing like a good chick flick to wind down after a long day of missionary work!!! #Legacy haha #itsaboutpioneers closet thing we have to a chick flick haha we almost cried. its great haha. (don't worry, the movie ended at 10:27, right on time for bed!)

they don't like when we leave hahaha oh how i love them

the Richard kids dog pilling on sister Hiatt. haha its a thing. They do it all the time.

sister Stevenett leaves this week to go home and get surgery. We went over to help her pack. It's sad. But she is so strong and will be back! I love her dearly

my love <3 #stevenett #champ

April 25th ..aka Taylor and Lindsey's wedding!!! We celebrated by going to Montana's for dinner :) #thanksshannon #giftcardfrommybday

so cute ;) hahahha miss me?

YUM!!!!!! way better then Mr.Noodle and KD

I have the best friends ever!!! Elder Omer and Elder Waters #punks

I'm gonna miss Elder Merrell!!! He is my district leader and was in the MTC with me!!! He is such a great friend. He is being transferred to be an Assistant!! Maybe he can get us more k's ;) #thestruggleisreal

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