Monday, 13 April 2015


This week Sister Hiatt and I have been really trying to talk to everyone we see. It's pretty hard when you see a lot of humans everyday haha!! But it's been going really well!! We are a funny pair. We have been handing out these "Because He Lives" pass-a-long cards that have the website to the new Easter video the church made. It's been a blast!! Haha we are getting pretty bold. Sister Hiatt gave a card to a guy on the phone, I got to give one to someone on a bike. Very interesting encounters. Best one was this guy we met early in the week. We were able to talk to him and set up a time to go see him! So we met at McDonalds (nice and public #sisterproblems) and had a lesson! We taught him about the book of Mormon and read the introduction and he loved it!! We gave him a copy and he was so excited haha We are meeting him again this coming week. Very exciting! I like when people listen to us hahah. But it's interesting because he said if Mormons came to see him a year ago he would never let us in. But he is trying to find himself and find whats missing in his life so he is trying to be open and outgoing and talking o everyone! Just shows how the lord really does prepare people and leads us to them!! 

We also went to BRANDON!! I love going on exchanges haha I got to go with sister Brimhall!!! It was so fun haha there was a lot of talking. We actually had a neat experience too! We went to see this guy but he wasn't home so we talked to the lady who opened the door and just taught her there!! She said she met missionaries on the street and she gave them her information but she never heard back from them! So sister Brimhall reassured her they would most definitely be seeing her again. It was fun! I miss sister Brimhall a lot. We called sister Smith too, that was the best haha. #tripan #cantstop #wontstop. It was a great exchange! 

I am so thankful to be a missionary. And to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So many people that we meet just seem so sad. They either don't know God or don't feel his love for him or think they have what they need and don't take the time to listen. I'm so blessed that I have always known who God was and that He loves me. A special gift we get as missionaries is feeling Gods love for others. It is incredible. People we teach. people we meet on the street, everyone! Its amazing! We really are all Gods children and He loves us! I love telling people that God loves them and them feeling it for the first time or remembering that feeling. It is such an honor. Try to always spread Gods love. Lift someone's spirit and give them that hope. It will fill your soul with great joy. I promise.

Sister Heinzlmeir

picnic in our apartment with the YSA sisters!!!! #yum #lunchtime

off to Brandon!!!! Road trip!!

#treatsfordays I just want to say that I love my companion so much. She really means so much to me. We have so much fun together and are just so silly together. She is a blessing in my life and I am so greatful for her <3

this one time we were taking selfies and we almost got in an accident and I captured the moment. Me- oblivious , making greats selfie face
Sister Hiatt- preparing for war

haha don't worry.. we are safe :)

me girl ! #brimmers

you know your friends when you decorate your planner the same way haha!!!! #stickers #sisters

Brandon exchanges!!!!

we taught the Richards kids (Tanice,Clayton, Kayton, Danika, toni-rae) at the park and a bunch of their friends came and joined us as we all sat on the grass. such a beautiful moment.

so there is a cupboard in the church that a member told us about... there are treats inside. only problem was we didn't have a key!!!! so.. we tried to break in!! shh.. don't tell bishop!!! haha.  

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