Monday, 20 April 2015


Finally the snow is melting and the tights are coming off!! It feels weird to see bear legs again hahaha they have been buried under layers and layers of leggings and fleece lined tights hahaha. It feels good! We might have another burning party in our backyard and say goodbye forever to those winter tights!!!!

We get transfer calls this coming Saturday!! The day Taylor and Lindsey get married! AH! Big day for everyone haha ;) . there will be a lot of changes. There are 9 sisters leaving and only 1 coming!! And sister Smith is one of those 9! AH! Crazy!!! President told us there will only be one zone for all of Winnipeg instead of two!! So they will cut one set of ZLs and STLs! We will see what happens!!!

We were going to go on exchanges with YSA this week but things got a little crazy! Sister Stevenett has a chronic illness and its been causing her a lot of pain for the past few months.   So anyway, me and sister Hiatt met the sisters at the church to swap companions but sister stevenett was in a lot of pain. luckily our Zone Leaders were there and they were able to offer to give a blessing of healing. She was stubborn though and didn't want one. No one except her companions, president, and us know about her condition. anyway, she told them and we all had a big venting sesh with her. She was scared to go home but she felt like it was what she had to do. She took some time and prayed and decided to go home at the end of this transfer and get the surgery then come back a transfer later. She talked to president and its all good to go. She is at peace and anxious to go and get back to work. I admire her faith and courage a lot!!!! But so needless to say, sister Hiatt and I went on our own and prayed about exchanges. We came to the conclusion that we should not exchange and let the two sisters go home and deal with things. So yeah, it doesn't sound as crazy as it felt haha but it felt crazy!! The spirit really directed sister Hiatt and I and it was amazing to feel that influence. I love our sisters so much. I learn so much from being a Sister Training Leader. I love it.

We also found a family to teach this week! We found the mom street contacting and went over a few days later and taught the whole family!! Only issue is they can barely speak English. They speak Arabic! We got them an Arabic book of Mormon and they loved it!! That is the one things about this mission.. so many different languages and cultures!!! I wish I could speak them all!!! haha but no such luck. Hopefully pictures, Arabic pamphlets and charades will do the trick haha.  

Love you all so much! have a great week!!!!

Sister Heinzlmeir 


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we teach the Waverly bishop's daughter who is almost 8! Just to prepare her and get her ready. we taught her the plan of salvation and asked her to draw a picture of the Celestial kingdom. this is the final product! beauty!  

so we always prank our elders. its just so fun. and their car was unlocked so we put a bunch of our pass-a-long cards all over their car and stole their frizbee and put some girly glasses on their dash. This has been in on going battle between us all hahaha its so funny. anyway.. we hid and took pics of them seeing the surprise and this is our favorite #takecover #theyarecoming 

Elder Kendalls birthday!!! #21 we made a collage of pictures with these little elephants that they have. Ele and Eli haha its a long story and pretty weird how much we love those little guys haha anyway. we took them to Brandon and took a bunch of pictures and they were just hilarious. needless t o say he loved the gift hahahah

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